Romans – Chapters 9-16

Class time: June 5 – August 28, Sunday mornings, 11:15 – 12:00
Teacher: Floyd M. Williamson
Location: In person, Room 108

Paul’s letter to the church in Rome has an overarching theme of how God seeks to save sinners through the Good News of Jesus Christ and how the saved should live together in harmony. It shows how God from the beginning of time had planned and implemented His plan to redeem sinful human beings. It’s about God’s love, His grace, His righteousness, and His unity. As we study Romans, we learn that a person must have a total faith in the Gospel as well as live a righteous life in order to be saved.

Purpose: Learn more about God so that we can become the Christians He wants us to be.
Primary Study Guide: Bible
Goals/Objectives: To learn more about God’s righteousness and to encourage each of us to live more abundant lives for our Lord.


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