Ezekiel: “Know that I am the Lord” (continued from Summer)

Class time: September 8 – December 1, Wednesday evenings, 7:45 – 8:30 Brief devotional starting at 7:30
Teacher: Floyd Williamson
Location: Zoom – please contact church office

Ezekiel is an autobiographical prophetic book filled with different types of symbolic language, visions, and actions of the great prophet of Ezekiel who resided among his fellow Jewish Babylo-nian exiles. He lived in a foreign land of idols and false gods. His message was predominantly to remind God’s people about the Lord’s continued sovereignty, holiness, and faithfulness. Yet, his purpose was also to call them to repentance and to return to the Lord because there was still hope and that God had never left them.

Even though this book tells of some strange images and events, it has many messages for us as well, including that God is with His people, even in a dry and thirsty land. God is the Lord Almighty.


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