Bible Correspondence Courses (see below for onsite Fall Classes)

For those who wish to study the Bible at home, we will provide upon request the following Bible correspondence courses. The Hawley lessons are available by postal mailing, please email your request and postal address to:

Bible Course
John Hurt

This series of eight lessons presents an overview of the Bible for the beginning Bible student. Lesson topics include: The Old Testament, The New Testament, Rightly Dividing the Word, Faith & Works, Becoming a Christian, Acceptable Worship, The New Testament Church, and You Can Be Just a Christian.

Studies Through the Bible (A Proven Basic Course)
Monroe E. Hawley

This is a thirty lesson course surveying the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This series is simple enough to be studied by one with little Bible knowledge, yet comprehensive enough to help the Bible student.

Jesus, by John (His Gospel for Belief)
Wayne Hawley

These ten lessons on the gospel of John are of tremendous value for both the non-Christian investigating Jesus and the disciple taking a fresh look at the Savior. Jesus, by John follows the text of the gospel, showing it to be an eye-witness account of Jesus designed to produce faith. The lessons are understandable enough for the beginner and challenging enough for classes.

Into All the World (A Study of the Book of Acts)
Monroe Hawley

A ten lesson study of the book of Acts of the Apostles. Each lesson requires reading of the Bible in addition to the lesson material.

Foundations of Faith (An Advanced Course)
Monroe Hawley

This thirty lesson study is designed for the student with some previous Bible knowledge. Topics include: There is a God, The Inspiration of the Bible, Why the Bible is God’s Word, Fulfilled Prophecy, Miracles of the Bible, the Nature of Sin, The Resurrection of the Dead.

Christian Way (For the New Christian)
Monroe Hawley

Many Christians never develop spiritually because they have not been taught how to live the Christian life. This ten lesson course presents Christianity as a way of life, not just a catalog of duties. Each lesson is tied to this concept so that the student will gain a broader appreciation of the depth and meaning of his faith.

Through the Bible (Junior Correspondence Course)
Karen Conley

These eight lessons for junior high school age students deals with New Testament subjects such as: The Birth, Boyhood, and Baptism of Jesus; His Teachings and Miracles; His Death, Resurrection, and Ascension; the Beginning of the Church; the Plan of Salvation; Worship; the Christian Life and the Christian Home.

How to request a Bible Correspondence Course

Email us at and give us the following information:

State your name and address.

Indicate which lesson you would like to study.

Upon receipt of your request, the first three lessons will be mailed to you with a return envelope addressed to the church. Read the related Bible scriptures and lesson, answer the questions, then mail the lesson back to us in the return envelope. This lesson will be corrected and returned to you with the next lessons.

Winter Classes: Sundays
(September 4 - November 27)

Luke: Jesus Ate with Outcasts  (ALL ADULTS) 
Floyd M. Williamson
11:15 A.M.
Main Auditorium (RM 102)
One of the themes in the Gospel of Luke is Jesus’ inclusion of different types of people in his table fellowships. It’s been observed that Jesus went out of his way in his ministry to associ-ate with, to eat with, and to include people in the intimacy of eat-ing. It’s as if, he was either on his way to a meal, eating a meal, or leaving a meal. By breaking bread with people, Jesus was breaking down social barriers. Some may call these meals, spiritual power meals. The goal of this class is to encourage each of us to use every opportunity, especially mealtimes, as times to interact with others on a spiritual level, just like Jesus did.

Sanctified: Set Apart for a Purpose! A Study of 1& 2 Peter (Ladies Only)
 Isabelle Williamson
11:15 A.M.
Room 101
Peter is writing to Christians who were struggling with the world around them, just as we do today. Peter admonished them and us to hold on to the faith through hard times, because of the hope of Salvation and an eternal home in heaven that we have as God’s chosen people. So as Christians, we are called to live our physical lives with a sojourning mindset. This affects the way we relate and interact with our families, the church, and the world around us. Students will develop a better understanding of 1 & 2 Peter and to encourage one another to stay strong and persevere together as God’s chosen people because of our mutual hope of salvation.

Foundations for the Christian Faith             (All Adults)
Tyrone Allen
11:15 A.M.
Room 115
This class will walk participants through the Bible Basics of the Old and New Testament. A survey course designed for new converts and mature Christians who want to understand the books and message of the Word of God. Using the Eight Lessons of the John Hurt series along with introductory surveys of the books of the Bible the class will secure Faith in God. The time spent in this class will offers a timeless treasury of knowledge to equip you as God's servant.

“ . . . but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ . . .
2 Peter 3:18
“. . . like newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow . . . “
I Peter 2:2

Youth Bible Classes: Sundays

 Cradle Roll.............(enter from foyer) Nursery
Preschool Ages 2, 3.......................Room 117
           Lydia Glover
Ages 4, 5......................................Room 111
          Lydia Glover
Ages K-Grade 1.............................Room 109
          Mary McLean
Grades 2, 3..................................Room 113
          Karena Sylvester
Grades 4, 5..................................Room 303
          Susan Laudadio
Grades 6-8...................................Room 301
          Denise Allen
Grades 9-12.................................Room 305
           Benjamin Moyd

Winter Classes: Wednesdays
(September 7 - November 30)


Daniel (All Adults)
Floyd M. Williamson
7:30 P.M.
Main Auditorium
The Book of Daniel includes exciting narratives, visions, and prophecies. Daniel was one of the many Jews who’d been taken into Babylonian exile. He lived during a critical time in Jewish history, because the Temple in Jerusalem had been destroyed and they were uncertain about how this was going to affect their relationship with God. Yet it’s during this time that Daniel shows God’s absolute sovereignty over all people and things, through His mighty power. God had not left His people, nor had they forsaken Him. As they believed, prayed, and worshiped Him, God continued to bless them with His grace and loving-kindness. Students in this class will grow in faith, become confident in their relationship with God, and to trust in His mighty power, that He will never abandon or forsake them (Romans 8:31-39).

Galatians (All Adults)
Errol G. Williams II
7:30 P.M.
Room 101
This class will conduct an in-depth review of the book of Galatians to explore the liberty that we have as Christians. Through scriptural examination, students will make contrasts between the Mosaic law and the law of Christ. Topics of exploration include: (1) The legitimacy of Paul's Apostleship; (2) The purpose of the law of Moses; and (3) Justification by faith. Students will walk away with an understanding of how to live out God's will through the fruits of the Spirit.

Clases Biblicas

Clases Dominicales Para Adultos
Aprendiendo De Jesus
Elmer Pacheco
Salon #108
El Proposito De La Clase Es Que Seamos Mas Como Cristo Como Buenos Discipulos.

Clases De Los Miercoles Para Adultos
1 y 2 Timoteo (Adultos)
Elmer Pacheco
Salon #108
Estudiaremos Estas Epistolas Para Ser Mejores Cristianos.





Youth Bible Classes: Wednesdays

Youth Ages 3 - K ..............................Room 111
              Sonia Coelho            
Youth Gr. 1 - 4.................................Room 113
              Jenny Pacheco            
Grades 5 - 8.....................................Room 115
               Sophia Fraser         
Grades 9 - 12...................................Room 115
               Gregory McCullem         


Bible Class flyers will be available in the Church foyer.

"...but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ..."  2 Peter 3:18 

" newborn babes, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow..." 1 Peter 2:2


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